Our First Flight on RyanAir

Day 11 of our trip was a bittersweet one, as it meant the end to our time in Ireland (which we loved), but also the start of the next leg and some cask ales in London. This day was mostly a travel day, so unless you’ve very enthralled... Read more

Live Gaelic Football

Day 9 of our trip started strong with a mind blowing trip around Slea Head Drive.  It didn’t end there, however, as our return to Dingle greeted us with some heavy traffic.  It turns out, as luck would have it, that a semifinal Gaelic... Read more

Coasteering in Ireland

Day 6 of our trip was another bright and sunny day.  I’d done some googling and came across realadventures.ie, an adventure company based out of Clifden.  One of the things they offer is coasteering, which is essentially a combined... Read more