4th of July in Jackson, WY

After spending most of the afternoon of the 4th of July on our scenic drive from northern Utah to Grand Teton National Park, we quickly checked into the Jackson Lake Lodge and headed back into Jackson, WY for an evening of rodeo’ing and fireworks.

The rodeo was set to start at eight, and we didn’t make it into town until pretty much right at eight.  People were parked all up and down the streets leading up to the rodeo, though it turns out that was likely for the fireworks as there was still parking available in the rodeo parking lot.

Stacie had never been to a rodeo before and the only one I’d been to was when I was very young so I only remember bits and pieces of it.  The Jackson rodeo has a reputation as being a bit touristy, but as rodeo newbies that was fine by us.

The rodeo was entertaining for sure.  I have no idea what the names are, but events included the one where they try and rope the bull by its head and legs, a lady’s barrel race where they have to circle three barrels on their horse and get back to the finish line, the ever popular bucking broncos and finally the main event, bull-riding.  They also included a little side diversion where they asked all the kids in the audience to come out into the arena where they then released three sheep that the kids had to chase down and pull flags off of.  Like I said, very touristy but both we and the crowd got a kick out of it.  I was reminded of a discussion I’d had were we guessed how many 5 year olds each of us could take in a fight.  What a perfect opportunity that would have been.

Jackson Hole Rodeo

Fight! Fight! Fight!

While watching we enjoyed some philly cheese steaks for dinner and I sampled some of the local beers.

With the rodeo coming to a close, it was time for fireworks.  Combining the rodeo with the fireworks actually works out nicely because the rodeo area has a great view of the fireworks without having to park far away and walk up.  At the rodeo, they shut off all the lights so you can watch the fireworks from your seat in the bleachers.  Unfortunately, our seats were facing the wrong way so we found the best spot to watch them was in the rodeo parking lot, which worked out well because I wanted to set up my tripod for photos anyway.

We pulled out one of our Gator (represent!) folding chairs for Stacie and I got my tripod all set up and pointed towards Snow King Ski Resort, and we were all set.

The fireworks were pretty standard as fireworks go, and were a good watch.  Stacie loves fireworks so she was happy and I’d been looking forward to getting some practice photographing them after reading up on some tips online.

Jackson Hole Fireworks


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